24 thoughts on “No Discount

  1. lyrics:
    I never cared for the moment of loss
    Fabricate my way through the street to get on the bus
    People smoking meth out of their purses
    All the shows in the world ain’t worth it

    Let me write a song to show them what is wrong
    With putting spikes on the ground to keep the homeless out
    They were here first
    They were here first

    Before you white hippies came and ruined our city
    [?] no real meaning
    No more art and too much cleaning
    No discount no love

  2. I love your voice so much. Im only good at drawing and stuff like that, but you're a really big inspiration to me. Your songs give me new and great ideas for a new art piece. And I like the stories you put into them.

    Thank you

  3. YOOOOOOOOO Kevin u really have a I aspiring voice and I wanna say you really an amazing singer and never stop singing

  4. just wondering, is that change to your vrchat avatar permanent? just wondering, because i like it, but if not, it's still cool.

  5. Just a question for if I ever decide to make fanart, where should I send it? Btw, awesome song as always, these lyrics are just top notch

  6. I really love this music, and I also love how positive the comments section is.. I don’t think I could find a single hate comment if I tried. Keep up the good work!

  7. Do you think of a topic first after writing the lyrics? Cuz i think sometimes the lyrics gets jumbled up and lost. Just an opinon as ur fan but overall GOOD. Best of luck Owo.

  8. You should film just you going around in vr chat playing/singing for random people also as always amazing job keep it up man!

  9. Every year I choose a class in school completely out of my normal interests that I think ill enjoy anyway (last year was art, this year was outdoor ed)….your like that but for music ☺👌

  10. I wish I could be nearly as good as you at singing. I'm terrible even though I wanna be good 😭 Although at least I can still enjoy your singing 😛 (also im bad at commenting so idk if this made sense)

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