33 thoughts on “Nutella Discount Spreads Chaos As Frenzied Shoppers Throughout France Lose It | TIME

  1. Le quart monde mental en France ! On voit une femme qui passe plein de pots à son mari, l'aviité, l'appat du gain de quelques euros ! Le quart-monde des cerveaux !

  2. Good to clarify that we are in France, because the people on the videos are more like to think that the action takes place in Algiers

  3. Humans are still animals. ( i'm French ) / you can see the same in all over the world , Black Friday, selling Sunflower oil in China… put some bread in a pond of fish … and look at yourself in the water haha 😉

  4. The French have the Muslims to go on buying frenzies. Canada has the Chinese, who if anything are even greedier.

  5. LOOOOL So Embarrassing How Greedy, Going In For The Kill Like A Pack Of Wild Dogs Scavenging For Food In The Kruger National Park 😅😂 Look At Them Over A Bit Of Nutella Arms Full With Pots Of Nutella, Just Wow Rummaging And Pushing! Aha People Are Silly!

  6. Я думал такое только в России возможно, а оно вот оно как

  7. The Nutella made and sold in Europe doesn't have all the fillers and trans fat that are found in the American version

  8. Si vous n'étiez pas en Pologne, venez en Pologne pour une semaine. Je vous garantis que vous ne l'oublierez pas pour le reste de ma vie. Beaucoup de Français sont là 🙂 Il n'y a pas de musulmans ici. Voyez par vous-même

  9. So they went nutty 4 Nutella Black Friday style. Why the h8ful comments about Islam? Your words r much dumber & sadder than their actions.

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