2 thoughts on “Outcry after DPP counties excluded from 20% discount at Yunlin road race

  1. Put on your own on the same day if there's time. Yeah, permits, advertising, infrastructure all take time and money. Might be too late this year and once someone signs up for this, you've lost them for yours. But, ultimately, whether this year or next, don't let them win.

  2. Beware of the following DANGEROUS words,
    that the Chinese 🇨🇳regime is using to recklessly MANIPULATE and CONTROL other people:

    – "descendents of Dragons",
    – "Chinese blood", 
    – "Chinese root",
    – "Ancestors",
    – "Patriotic Chinese",
    – "Traitors",
    – "China motherland",
    – "Belongs to China",
    – "China's internal affair",
    – "Inseparable part of China",
    – "Since ancient times".

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