1. Your style is the best on youtube i will say that. You have hit after hit after hit. All unreal 😍🤩😛 but if u go out in that itsy bitsy ickle wickle dress u are going to be uncomfortable all nite cus we had a flash of your knickers. Your bum is literally peaking out. We can fully see the outline of each cheek. Now it still looks lush but u is a bit too tall to get away with it. Just a tad. U will be pulling it down all nite and wish u had worn something else xxx

  2. But like…. everything is so unwearable and short and cheap… I mean… sage pants were the only cool thing of them all. Nobody dress like this, especially in autumn..

  3. Just beautiful you look absolutely gorgeous love you love videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Jordan I have a challenge idea for you !! Maybe you could try and create multiple modest outfits. I know it's not your style AT ALL since I've been following you for years now. That's why it could be a fun challenge for all of us. And by modest I mean your legs and arms should be covered all the way, same with your chest area (I know we don't all have the same definition of the word). You can re-use some pieces you already have of you want.
    Good luck if you try this ✨

  5. I agree sage green is beautiful. My dad got married last week and our bridesmaids dresses were sage green. Such a nice muted colour and doesn’t get the hype it deserves x

  6. I personally hate the style and would never wear any of this but I love watching Jordan 🥰 you slay the outfits 🙌

  7. Would be so cool if you went thrift shopping and put outfits together for a video, I feel like you could make the most out of anything x love you

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