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  1. I ordered K02s online from discount tire, turns out they were an inch shorter than the Toyos i was replacing. The nice staff at DT recommended the pathfinder for like 75 bucks less per tire than the BFG K02s. They don't quite look as aggressive but let's see how they perform. Hopefully, im pleasantly surprised. BTW, the staff at Discount tire, Mason city Iowa was top notch

  2. I put about 50,000 MI on my first set of Pathfinder tires and I'm about to put four more on my truck. I like them a lot but I wish they were slightly more aggressive looking.

  3. Do these tires have less tread in the middle? Is that normal on tires? I used a tread gauge and i had about 6/7 in the middle on all 4 and about 11-12 on the outsides of all 4.

  4. Just bought em this morning. I can tell immediately there is a difference. Drives nicer and I feel so much safer with these than the old dry rotted tires that were on my F150 when I bought it.

  5. Bought these for my budget Overland rig. What is the lowest I can safely air down my 31.6" 265/70/R17? Anybody have some input on this?

  6. Great tire. Have put thousands of miles on mine and are wearing great. I have a 2012 Ram 1500 and haul 500-800 pound loads all the time. And for their pricepoint it makes it all the better.

  7. Don't ever let them sell you these POS tires. Went through 2 sets and they rode absolutely horrific. WILL NOT BALANCE, and they will blame your truck in every way possible. Bounce jump shake and thump to death and they will say it's your truck. BS. Worst tires I have ever seen in my life and I installed tires for 3 years and never seen anything like these. The cheapest off Mudd tires I installed rode 10 times better than these street rated tire from Discount. Don't let them steal your money with a pathfinder tire you will get screwed.

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