43 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Coupon & Promo Code (HOW TO GET A DISCOUNT)

  1. I'm glad they finally started offering coupons. I still can't afford them but hey, already they're trying to reach more customers.

  2. Works great for me because I just yesterday (8.27) got the purple .3 with an after market adjustable frame at mattress firm. Now the guy told me if they have any other discounts like cash off then he would take that off the total price for the mattress if they had one in the next 4 months since yes purple gives 100 days but they are giving 120 days so 4 months at the end of the year with a ton of major holidays ready to get any discount I can. Thank you for reading this far I know it was a lot

  3. I am so in love with the idea of Purple… but I will never be able to afford one. Are there any budget mattresses that have any similarities?

  4. I soooo want the Purple 3 !!! Its just hard with this high price for king size 🙁 . Hope they will offer some good coupon and you guys can offer it to us ! You are the best and always find the best deals 🙂 Thank you !

  5. My husband doesn’t want to pay too much for a mattress. He doesn’t understand that is best to pay more for a good mattress than not being able to sleep all night long. I wake up with achy joints and shoulders and Hip hurts as well. I am a side sleeper. I might have to end up in a separate bed.😳😔😁

  6. I have the purple pillow, and I love it! To be able to save additional dollars if and when the time for bed comes along will be great! Thanks for the information Slumber yard

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