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  1. When I was in elementary school, I forgot to do my homework one day and feigned ill so that I could miss school… And by the time my brother got home from school, I really was down with a fever! 😂

  2. Honestly I have the exact opposite issue then op in 1story. My temp. Is normally at 96°f-97°f or 35.5°c-36.1°c aka borderline hyperthermic.

  3. When I was young 14~15 I had this "amazing" ability to become really sick on command. And I mean slight fever + pale + teeth clattering + big nausea + headache…. And I was NOT faking it, I just was able to "convinced my body" that I was sick so I was. Once I exit the school for more than 5min? Perfectly fine, not sick anymore. Like a bad dream…. I just did it 2 or 3 times in my life and I don't know if I could still do it

  4. 37.5? That seems a little low to be the cutoff sent to the nurse or home. Like OP said, half of the school could easily get that just running from one class to another. Females can run that on their cycles.

  5. I once made a joke that I was a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Super religious coworker got all upset. Telling me that isn't right, that I should like girls. This went on and on with me trying to explain that she clearly didn't understand what a lesbian is. She only gave up when I said I do like girls, though she still didn't understand that was the whole point.

  6. aren't there these plastic paper plate holder things that exist? I don't know what their called, but you use them to strengthen the paper plate so it doesn't collapse

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  8. The curry story sounds a lot like me my whole life, except my unusual norm since birth has been my high heart rate.

  9. "Take it over my (her) head?" That is not the way to deal with a daughter-in-law or son-in-law. This MIL is not a good person.

  10. I have the reverse problem of the OP with the temperature problem. My temp is naturally low. So low that when I used to go in for wellness checks, they sometimes had trouble reading my temperature. That's gotten better with the better thermometers, but before tech was a thing, my temp wreaked havoc. This became a problem when I got sick. What a normal person's temperature is was me with a fever. A 100 degree temp which was nothing but a slight fever for someone else, was the equivalent of around 101, 102 for a normal person. Once, when I got a fever of 102 the hubby hauled me to the hospital because I was hallucinating. The er staff was confused, my temp didn't warrant the symptoms I was showing. They eventually treated me like I had the temp that my body was showing symptoms of and obviously I'm fine, but it can be a general pita when trying to convince someone that I really am sick. And yes, I really hated it when I was in school.

  11. 9:01 This reminds me of my dad. One time his military ID somehow got misprinted as female. So he tells his SO that he is a lesbian and would like to not share mens barracks (jokingly of course). They got him a fixed ID, but he kept the incorrect one as a trophy.

  12. 4:11
    "Fakin your temperature" means doing some trick to get a fake reading that isn't your actual temperature.
    OP's high temperature was very real.
    OP's body temperature just naturally ran higher than an average persons.

  13. Believe it if you want to, but I've heard stories about people who were being so stingy that they actually tried to WASH those thin, white paper plates so they could re-use them. 😛

  14. I'd have a lot of difficulty faking an high temperature because:
    a) my normal temperature is 1.4 degrees C lower than average
    b) I eat hot, very hot and volcanic curries on a regular basis, so they don't really affect me that way.

    69 year old lesbian speaking: I like girls as well. And they like my d**k! (Girls = women younger than me. Even 60! lol)

    I was recently trying purchase a few moderately expensive items from an online 'department store' (more of a clearing house for other retailers) using a 20% discount coupon that I'd 'purchased' with some of my loyalty points. It turns out that all other discounts have to be replaced before the coupon is deducted, which made he purchase several $ more. I cancelled it and now have a coupon that I'm unlikely to be using in the near future.

  15. The temperature thing would not work with my brother at all. He scared the doctors in hospital a few years back (he got pneumonia in early fall, during a late heat wave) when he wouldn't measure above maybe 35°C – they generally wrote down his temperature+1. For him, 37,5°C meant he would likely start hallucinating soon. Or faint.

  16. The liver controls body temperature. Maybe if the liver has to work really hard after eating, it may affect body temps?

  17. I could trick the thermometer into thinking I was sick in middle school too. I just ran hot though my temperature has settled into a 'normal' range later in life. I used to use it at least once a month, but I didn't like bullies. The nurse knew but she was the sweetest woman in the world and knew life was rough so just always called my mom to come get me.

  18. We use the really thin paper plates, usually 2-3 plates thick. Its actually cheaper doubling up on the cheapo plates then it is to buy the thicker ones here LUL

  19. re: would I use the ability to raise my temp to my advantage? Heck, yeah, I would!! My problem would be if my temp got UP to 37, only then would I be running a fever. I normally run 35.7 to 36.3.

  20. Taking temp on a person is not really a very accurate way to determine whether a person is sick as a human body temp will fluctuate naturally throughout the day…it has been proven

  21. several years ago I had an issue where if I ate an entire meal at a burger place I'd throw up, so when ever I went to one I'd get just a burger and a drink, this caused some issues with some of the staff at at the golden arches in my town where if I ordered the meal but asked for the fries to be left out the staff would refuse my request, so after a couple of times like that I started ordering just a burger and a drink, one time this cause the OTHER potential issue: the staff insisted the meal would be cheaper (they said nothing about leaving out the fries even after I repeated that I only wanted the burger and the drink), after some back-and-forth I just said "either I get a burger and a drink or I take my business to the competitor!" to which the seemingly insulted cashier responded "well SORRY for trying to save you some money!" A month or so later the sole Golden Arches in my town closed despite the perfect location in the town centrum, with several bars in the vicinity.

  22. Paper plate: I recall as a kid having wicker plate holders, and the paper plate was not used alone but was a disposable liner in the wicker plate.

    School: I'm surprised that a hyper-religious school would also be such a good academic school.

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