25 thoughts on “Red Dead Online Weekly Update NEW Legendary Animal Changes Bonuses and Discounts

  1. These fucking prices on these fucking coats are ridiculous 😡🤬
    And they are all the same!!!
    Instead of updates we just get new animals, no missions, or robberies.
    R* is still treating us like 🤡🤡

  2. Are people actually liking this? Getting a reskin of the same jacket every week? I get that the drought was long as fuck and people were desperate but this is starting to get silly. The naturalist role feels stupid and cheap.

  3. Man idk what it is about harriet but she turns me on so much. Even when she sprays me I'm like yeah baby spray me lmao what is wrong with me. Shes hot

  4. Bro may I ask you a question? I come back and all lobbies I join have less than 5 people in it. Is the game dead, or is this a glitch?

  5. Apart from the bear MEH!
    I really hope the Halloween update is worth the wait, but i shouldn't raise my hopes knowing Rockstar.

  6. they never give us double money or gold its always double role xp which doesn't really matter when you've already maxed them.

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