14 thoughts on “Reddit Choosing Beggars 👪 CB Jumps Through Hoops For Discount ENDS UP PAYING THE SAME PRICE!!!

  1. Depends on which of the Meisterstuck 149 finishes he's trying to sell; the basic on doesn't go for $1300. Must be vintage, must have supporting documentation.

  2. But if it was the same price why would he go back to that store again ? Why wouldn’t he just have bought it when he finally realized it at the Apple store ?

  3. I have a reverse story to #3. While on my way to lunch at Wendy's I was asked by a guy for spare change. I just shook my head and continued on my way. While there I realized that I had a book of coupons for 5 free small Frosties (it was for a #1 donation to support adoption). On my way back, I stopped at the guy and said, "I don't have any change but I do have a book of coupons for free Wendy's Frosties, if that would help." He said, "Really, you mean it?" and I said yes, and handed it to him. He gave me a big smile and "Thanks, man!" Felt good.

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