27 thoughts on “Rolex Discount Store in Osaka + The Rolex Reverso!

  1. The older version of that rolex prince is gorgeous. Really hard to even find the picture but i found some on auction, crazy old and crazy price.

  2. Thanks for showing the Prince! That watch is on my list. It was at my AD, full retail. It would be a great once a month watch. I don’t think I could wear it every day. Could be collectible in the future because of the back. I like that it looks like steel. Keep up the great videos!😊

  3. The Batman at $13,627 US is no great shakes compered to prices here in the US. That's about the going US rate at this time. Daytona at $30k is out of sight!!! Daytonas are running $22k to $26k here now. I was fortunate to buy one 6 mos ago from a AD for $12,400… a once in a lifetime retail opportunity no doubt!!! Enjoy seeing the vids from Japan.

  4. In the Rolex collection one cellini has it's place for those special occasions for example black tie events. Rolex cellini definitely fits the occasion. Nice video. Cheers.

  5. This is just further indicating my concern and prediction that I believe there is seriously troubled times coming for Rolex! I always remember past and present performance is no guarantee of future success! Just because Rolex hasn't bombed before doesn't mean it's impossible. With their current ability to anger and alienate customers, driving them to other brands and the wash of day dates in every window definitely in my opinion is not a great incentive to believe massive performance gains are coming!

  6. Another great video Austin. That Cellini Prince is a great watch and a great deal even here in the U.S. Thanks as always for taking us along with you watch shopping.

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