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  1. We got this few hundred dollars machine 4 months back in Canada. It has
    some thing called sweeper which transfer sperical atta for flattening
    & it moves but gives error. Now whole machine is TRASH for which you
    need to pay to discard when even 700 rotis are not even made in total
    in these 4 months… So its a disaster if you get error on this machine
    and you bought from Amazon or Ebay etc as there is no warranty even on
    new items. So I had to now pay 10-50dollars i feel just to discard it in
    trash center. Total WASTE of money.

  2. Dear friends;
    Health benefits of Jowar Roti;
    Jowar Roti is protein packed Fibre rich food; Jowar roti is delicious and gluten free (stomach friendly) fights against free radicals. Improves digestion, boosts immunity, improves Heart health and control's Blood sugar levels. Jowar is top 5 healthy grains of world.
    As jowar roti making is difficult with hands we developed a unique Jowar Roti Making machine which is hassle free and easy to use. With this machine you can also make Chapathis. Masala Rotis, Papads etc.
    Many thousands of People from 30 counties across globe are using this machine past 10 years sucessfully.
    Please watch below video link and call if you require.
    Thanks K.V. Ramana

  3. We bought the machine and oil container started leaking. Every time we made roties we had a pool of oil on table. It had been less than 1 month and the company asked us to day $300 for a replacement item!

    Horrible customer service! I will not buy it again.

  4. I remembered the Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chashma Episode, wherein jethalal gets surprised of the product and daya bhabhi destroys the good deal by her philosophical morals. She destroys jethalal's Efforts lol.

  5. It's a pathetic machine. If you're considering buying the machine, either check it with someone who has the machine or read the honest reviews. Worst $1000 investment and sadly this review by Hebbar's Kitchen seems paid

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