33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Already DISCOUNTED?!

  1. That random person,,,,"""who liked my Comments 😭😭 l pray ""may you and your parents live more than 100 years🙏🙏🌾🌾🌼

  2. I will buy this on Amazon for my wife since her s8 plus is so fuck up I can trade it in, so it'll be my 6 year's toy/mini tablet. For myself I have an s9 witb broken screen, but other than that all works, so samsung gives me $200 as is, so that will bring the price down to $500, not bad, since who is going to give $200 for a almost 3 year old cracked phone amd don't want tha selling hassle.

  3. You guys need to do a little research, iphone is on top currently cause the carriers giving the iphone 11 and even iphone pro max for F R E E. People dont have money to buy these things.

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