1. just came across your channel and I love it so so much!! You're stunning!! Also I was just wondering where your mirror was from please, it's unreal xxx

  2. I love all your hauls so much! even if it were a haul of a brand that I personally don't like – I would still watch it as long as its a 'Lucy Ledgeway haul' ! <3

  3. Is it just me who thinks she would look mint in anything like give the girl a black bag she would pull it off 👌😍😩

  4. Just started watching you, your fab, can't help but get jealous all stuff you get sent, feel like I've got nothing 😂❤️

  5. It's cute, wearing the jumpers and casual wear, but you look all glam girl 🙂 It would have been funny if you tried to do your best American accent while wearing the Cali shirt lol Thanks for the Try-On!

  6. I love how you said "It just something you would see an American Girl wearing" about the Navy California jumper , cause I'm an American Girl who has one same colors but it says New York ( cause I'm born & raised in Upstate New York )! I know I always comment this but I Love You Lucy ! Truly Genuine & One of a kind 💜💜💕💕

  7. Thank you for such a cute shein try on haul Lucy! I really enjoyed it. You are so adorable and so sweet. I cannot get enough of your accent. I absolutely love it! My favorite pieces were the blue floral crop top and the beige top. You look so cute and so sexy. Your nails look great also. I would like to know what your favorite pieces were in this Lucy?? Love you so much!☺☺

  8. Omg yesss I’m obsessed with shein at the minute I’ve already done two hauls on my channel, and i’m sooo tempted to buy again! Loved this video girl😍✨💕

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