37 thoughts on “Single Moms Are Getting Discounted Housing During The Pandemic..and GUESS WHO IS GLAD?

  1. Agree 100 percent….section 8 should be temporary..2 yrs Max and it should incentivize having the father in the home, not keeping the father out.

  2. Crazy how men never get anything. How many are there busting their ass working 2 jobs, working 60-100 hours a week just to yet get no help, but are contributing, or are attempting to, way more to society than bastard kids. Are all the women in there gonna be system hustlers? Definitely not but they are getting a major boost.

    Feminist are you gonna shout this down? This is special treatment and I could've sworn yall wanted equality? Feminist name me the male equivalent to this?

  3. Yeah…see I’m the undesirable black woman to the US Government because I don’t have baby daddies.

    The government doesn’t want us, let alone acknowledge that some black women under the age of 30 DONT have kids lmao.
    They just want us to be pregnant single mothers and instead of finding a man, they want us to marry them instead. But I’m good, I’d rather not. Being a baby mama never sounded good to me. I’ll leave it up to the women who for some reason are allergic to condoms lol. You’ll never pity me to understand how I’ve made it 28 years without getting pregnant, never had an abortion with zero kids and they can’t make it past 25 without 3 kids lol. I’m good.

  4. There are a lot of people busting they ass doing the right thing and still can’t get assistance. And it comes to the point in ones life when they ask themselves wtf I’m working hard as a mf and I can’t get a place of my own because people are playing the system

  5. BM please come together and build for each other before it’s too late. BM you are really missing the bigger issue…in society women with children will have a safety net. It’s the men who create MOST of these OOW who will be the target for Annihilation. Asian and Indian men have tech, WM have military and power on lock and Mexican are considered reliable laborer and BM..???. So what do you think this is really about if society has to play clean up man to a group of men who they feel contributes the least to society….hmmm

  6. I love it. Don’t fight the system guys, let it fail. Keep having babies out of wedlock. Use up all them government dollars. If they won’t pay you a decent salary at work, ride the system.

  7. Damn deep down they don’t want families and women are falling for it this also says at the core of they being they are anti men

  8. Affordable housing in very expensive neighborhoods is important for a healthy mix of the population, so that key workers (nurses, teachers, cops) can afford to live in the areas they work.

  9. If government actually gave 50/50 custody to both parents then the mother (more earning opportunities) by having available time to pursue a career, work, and go to school. Instead the governments have incentivized them to not get jobs, go to school or do better. Why work when you can get free handouts, discounted housing, huge tax breaks, etc?

  10. Single moms are the most protected class of people in Western society. Married couples, single fathers, and single/childless males and females do not get the provisions that single moms get. Life is very interesting.

  11. i live in toronto my whole life, i am going to tell you the truth , regent park was one of the first hoods in toronto , a couple of years back they tore it down and ran all them niggas out to build a condo now they given em to single moms?!!?

  12. Sometimes government do not provide funding in pregnancy prevention such as for birth control and abortions. Family planning cost money.

  13. Its a shame we continue to help and give breaks to tbose who make mistakes but those who are grinding and doing the right thing cant those same breaks. Got to love Our system

  14. Finally someone made video to address this. Watch how quickly women would cooperate if those apartments were taken away and the government send them back to the streets.

  15. London same. Brand new apartments 1milion pounds worth for single mothers who haven't worked one day, only with vagina.
    It's sad and so unfair.

  16. governments response? oh let's increase the child support percentage….men don't be surprised if the more kids you have the more percentage you pay because you know they want penalties the women, sad

  17. Imagine getting special treatment for making poor decisions. This is why modern women lack accountability because they are constantly rewarded. It’s like a child. They won’t learn from their mistakes if they aren’t punished for it. Sad society we live in.

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