20 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg to Peyton Manning, 'Can I Get a Discount on Papa John's Pizza?'

  1. Just like a rich fool who does not need to work. Wants free stuff. bet he never tips at restaurants or bars. In Las Vegas word gets around. Jordan, Tiger, never tip. Barkley is a "sweetheart" meaning he tips win or lose.

  2. He talked down to him lol smh… Payton would have preferred somebody from the game of football to ask a question … This being a big game… Gotta read between the lines

  3. 4 Super Bowls under 4 different head coaches. Not a product one single (Belichick) system. Revolutionized the QB position in the 21st century, and made the audible a must-have skillset for all QBs. Smashed the record books. Carried bad teams. Kept bad coaches employed his entire career. #GOAT

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