20 thoughts on “SURPRISING Mum&Dad @Art Cafe(MUSEE art cafe) | Get 15%Discount Coupon Code-FoodiePolden |

  1. ཁྱེད་རང་གི་ཕ་མ་དང་གཉམ་འདུ་ཞེས་ལགས་སྐྲོད་སྐྱིད་བཏང་གནང་འདུག་ དགའ་སུ་ཡོད་དོ་🥰🤩😍👍👍

  2. Reqlly loveeddd the vlog❤️ thank you for making this one… It is showing all my artworks there😍🥺… Really happy to see the way you'd showed everything in that video❤️ and your mum and dad are too cute..❤️

  3. Your dad’s enthusiasm and mum’s poise is commendable. And the food looks absolutely delicious. Indeed a great vlog. 👏🏼

  4. This was so beautiful. 😍
    I like the plates and interiors .
    Your dad was cute ✨
    Can’t wait to come at dheradun to get 15% off at this cafe (if u r damn serious ) .

  5. Awesome 👌 after all evergreen your pala n ama la …huge respect to them …u did wonderful thank you love it 💕you the bestttt 👍

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