15 thoughts on “The BEST Student Discount Guide for MacBooks and iPads

  1. Dude I got this student offer for macbook pro 16inch in the authorised seller in my town. i dont have sny idcard but i have the conformation mail from my college they gave me around 13k discount which is pretty good. But they didint give me airpods for sale like its only 4.5k if u get a macbook

  2. 2 questions buddy
    1) Why after pressing the bell icon there is still no YT notifications…
    2) After getting the student discount…is it still possible to get That HDFC 6% cashback…on ipad
    very informative and great video BTW

  3. I don’t find my college in the list,like if I hit I don’t find my college it gives me a page same as yours,will it take days to receive the mail from them or is it immediate,will we have to just verify the mail or is there anything else’s we gotta do?

  4. @kd Dada, Suppose ami Bangladesh e thaki & some-how india te ese ei student discount offer ta pete chai, is it possible? Or its only for Indian students 😥

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