48 thoughts on “The Slater but it's a discount version of hitman

  1. The Slater but it's a discount version of hitman

    Day 55 Of me watching every single video posted by Call Me Kevin.

  2. Holy SHIT that stripper/bar reminded me hardcore of the Rotterdam Biker Bar in Hitman Contracts, complete with overly red lighting on the dancer.

    And the hideous lady in the second mission looks just like the blackout drunk lady who hit on 47 and gave him her room key in A House of Cards in Blood Money!

  3. 12:35 “these people are amazing! They’re attractive, they can sing, they have prisoners in the basement.”
    Kevin, you are all of those things.

  4. I get a real kick out of the fact that I'm watching a discount Hitman game and the add before the video is saints row the third remastered which is of course I just discount Grand theft Auto game.. pretty funny i have to say!!

  5. It's just a HITMAN version for those who can't afford the 80 euros one.

    Or are not smart enough to get the game from g2a or.. even better, ENEBA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)™

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