34 thoughts on “Today New Event In FreeFire // 50% Discount All Pet, Pet Emote, Pet Skin In FreeFire // Tamil

  1. Bro en comment ku like pottinga aana enna winner ah choose pannave illaye please😫🙏🙏💓 bro.
    UID- 2247857649
    Name- NAREN-legend

  2. Bro I am a fan of you bro.i have seen all your videos bro.bit I don't play freefire in phone bro only in computer.but even I downloaded the apps you said in phone and play.bro my UID is 2186657920.pls bro can you topup for me bro.pls.

  3. Bro niga coment Panna reply panuga okva top-up Panna josop character varuma varatha today solunga pona comentla niga solavilai ok bro please replay panuga I'd 1876311222

  4. Hi broromba thanks bro for saying the event ithu romba helpfulla irruikku bro my full support is for u bro keep rocking bro much id 756642694

  5. Hi bro I am your subscriber I shared your video 10 members so please give 50 diamond ༒☬GŞҜGΔΜ€Ř༒ my Id 2378028164

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