18 thoughts on “Total Wine 10% Discount – What could I buy?

  1. Phil, I truly enjoy you vlogs & window shopping trips. But, I'm gonna have to call you out on the BenRaich comment. Currently I've got the 10yo, 10yo Curiositas & 12yo Sherrywood in my collection & I thoroughly enjoy them. From what I've seen of those you & Deepa have shared, i think you might too. And, the price point of the original bottlings makes these a low risk to try. Here' a vlogger I tune into frequetly, perhaps he'll incite you to try one. Give it a look & let me know if you do try some, I'd like to know what you think (or just to see if i'm right :-o) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTZPaKKg0c8

  2. Just discovered Islay's and love them. I have Laphroaig 10 and 10 cask, Ardbeg 10, Lagavulin 9 and 16. Got any recommendations to try next?

  3. The Malaga is something I am curious abut, too.
    I am always stunned how low taxes on alcohol seem to be in Germany compared with the US – and I cannot immagine much else being the reason for stuff being so much more expensive in the USA!
    The problem I have with Glenmorangie is really the standard colouring (and under 46% the filtering) issue. Otherwise, Morangie is not wildly complex but a well made whisky.

  4. Glen Fohdry is actually really good.
    Yeah , even their on sale spirits are more expensive than you can find elsewhere.
    But Total Wine does have some great deals on some that others don’t even have. And if you do add their discounts then it works.

  5. An interesting different take for a whisky video. I like it. I also agree that the hunt can be even more fun than the actual drinking. Cheers🥃

  6. Oh man you blew it, skipped right past that Redbreast 27 and it's at cask strength too (54.6) for $440. That sounds like a good price, if it were ever available here in Canada (it won't) it would be zillions !

  7. Just to let you know Erik (also in the US, aka Malt Muser Whisky Reviews on Youtube, just released a video about the Glenmorangie 12 yo Malaga finish that I can't find here in France & he praises it…just saying…Cheers !

  8. Well my first instinct was the Glenfiddich Grand Cru, but having checked it's cheaper at auction these days… As some other have suggested I'd go for the Craigellachie, 23, even if only to put up with SWA or better for a bottle exchange with folks in Europe, where it more expensive and/or hard(er) to find

  9. Yeah a few years ago they used to e mail me discounts that were for all spirits but lately it's just there own stuff. I bought one of those Highland Park single cask CS from K&L but when I saw them at Total Wine they were quite a bit more money.

  10. I've heard Dunville's irish is good. You also skipped a 27yo linkwood for 450. Thats a good deal for that age? The method and madness stuff is also good.

  11. Hi I'm also a single malt lover can you please tell me the website address from where you buy and import single malts from Europe .
    Probably I can also order and import

  12. The Glenmorangie Malaga cask is a brand new one… very curious about that one! Watching Rafly's latest extras, there's some Malaga casks used in the Yellow Spot.

  13. I think it went down something like this:

    Phil: There's a 10% discount, which whisky should I buy?
    Deepa: Yes!
    Phil: …
    Deepa: With peat?
    Phil: I'll make a video….


    I think the three you picked out are the best choices.
    Personally I'd go for the Craigellachie 23, but that's because I only had the 13 so far..
    Glenmo sounds interesting, but going by other Glenmos it's probably best for an easy drinking experience.
    Clynelish …. I prefer the GoT version to the standard 14, but both are nice drams. So getting something from an IB could be interesting.

  14. I love that the whisky shopping video has moved online! Still fun to watch for us whisky weirdos. We just got our first Total Wine in the Indy area, and I haven't been in yet. You've inspired me to do this same thing on their site. Except I'm just looking at ALL the scotch right now. Ha ha. Cheers, Phil.

  15. Creag Isle 12 year is Talisker. It is a pretty good bottle at a good price. not mind blowing but if you like Talisker you would like it.

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