40 thoughts on “TRIPLE Money, Valentine Bonuses and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Online Event Week)

  1. Happy Valentine. I'm single btw. Anyone? Please?

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  2. Bruh terrible week but thanks for the very shirt video… I hate when people promote their channel for twenty minutes and talk at a constant speed of negative five words per minute 😂😂

  3. Seriously? They want us to spend our hard earned money from last week for those golden aircraft?! Come on Rockstar you can do better.

  4. Hmm I do not have a Free Kosatka Sonar Station Upgrade … do you only get that if you didn't buy it? Renovating should give it too, or? Also I didn't get 200,000 $ just for logging in … where can I see that I got that? It is deposited directly to my Bank Account, is it …
    Another thing, why do we always have the <Demolition Charges> Prep Mission … if you never use them on Cayo Perico? So dumb, I do the Blowtorch more then that mainly because it saves you scouting for a Boltcutter.

  5. Bro I don't think I don't need anymore money in this game anymore. I made around $40M last week on cayo perico. I can die in peace now.

  6. I'm waiting on triple xp n rp on special vehicle races, I love those races, top 20 in a couple ruiner n voltics races.

  7. So no more dripfeed vehicles? I was looking forward to parking a dinghy with a gun beside my yacht, or going down the mountains with the new atv 🙁

  8. In other words, this week is a breather after so many runs with Cayo Perico, 3 times per day for me and I racked up almost $50M, at least 3 diamonds among the stacks of booze, necklace and some bonds. Finally, I can play other games with limited time events over there.

  9. I dont mind the discount on the Valkyrie, but wasnt it discounted like 4 weeks ago?
    Edit: Yes it was a month a go

  10. Well that's fairly disappointing to see no Diamonds back in the Casino Heist, nor even the Diamond Panther Statue for Cayo Perico Heist either D: but nonetheless some interesting discounts & 2-3x cash bonuses, especially interesting regarding that Team Deathmatch one too!😮👍

  11. I feel like ever since the Cayo Perico Heist DLC launched, it has unmotivated me to play anything other than the Heist. Like Not even Crates (I used to do them a lot). Looks like its time to move on from GTA 5

  12. Honestly I was expecting more this week, but looks like I’ll be sticking to what I did last week. No biggie. Happy Valentines Day!

  13. I don't even know why I'm watching these when I've given up gta for a whole month now but I still watch it cause of gtamen

  14. My only complaint is there is yet another clothing item to unlock during the Heist Finale. I'm personally getting sick of it now.

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