28 thoughts on “TRIPLE MONEY, Vetir Released, and Discounts This Week (GTA 5 Online Event Week) | Jan 28th – Feb 3rd

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  2. An interesting event/sales week of sorts, nice to see the Cargobob's on sale again, been waiting to get one for my second character on Xbox GTA and I think over on PC GTA too🤔 Though speaking of my second character of Xbox GTA, sadly I didn't win the car for her last week despite it being a perfect match for her purple theme🙁 (though I did win it over on PC) but then earlier tonight I got to my wheelspin several hours later and actually won this week's podium vehicle!😮👍

  3. I didn't even realize that a week went by already. I've been having too much fun play Fallout 4. Hopefully Rockstar will give us some real news about GTA6 already. I'm really done with the toxic players in this game who can't let things go.

  4. Wow Im usually the one laughing at people, but I bought the MOC (because its never on sell) a couple days ago for my second character and now wish I would have waited.

  5. 1.2 million for a slower Pegasus vehicle that has zero customization? Can't really be surprised as most of the Cayo Perico Update's vehicles have been disappointing in some way.

  6. idea: if there´s double money on heists or something else actually useful, just scream out of joy or add some effects to make it more exciting

  7. i noticed that in spanish channels all i see is people thanking and giving best wishes to every one and in english channels only people complaining about the weekly uptate lol

  8. Yay…useless easily destructible people carrier…thanks Rockstar! Another pathetic event week…just like last week…and the week before that…and before that…see the pattern here?

  9. The one car I had hoped release last or never came this week. Time to wait another two weeks until we get the vehicle we're actually looking for.

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