20 thoughts on “Trump Forced To Sell Discounted Merch As Campaign Cash Dries Up

  1. Didn't he say he was a billionaire, actually he said he's worth $8 billion!!!
    For Most people when they are having a garbage sale its because your broke !!!

  2. The absolute worst president and administration in the history of America you trump supporters and believing lovers will find out about the true Donald j trump in the short future and I promise you will appalling shocked all that's revealed please don't let trump trick you into voting for him twice don't fail America twice!!

  3. What we SHOULD be talking about is how to get money OUT of politics, period, and end of story. I mean aren’t we tired of PAYING for the RICH man’s gambling? Are we NOT tired of doing all the work and making millionaires and billionaires out of the greediest and most vile people on the planet ONLY to have them pad the bank accounts of the people WE vote into office?

    Have we heard anything during this campaign that would warrant MILLIONS being spent? I WILL vote Biden as he is truly the lesser of the evils however I think that once we get Trump and his CULT out of DC we can start to clean out the House of Democrats. We can place term limits by petitions and get rid of ALL LIFETIME POSTS. WE can but sadly we won’t. Stockholm syndrome is serious and far too many Americans suffer from it.

  4. When the tiktokers were trolling Trump by filling their carts of massive amounts of merch and then not purchasing, Trump's team put in a limit of 3 per item on the website. That said, their dev's were either dumb, lazy, or (hopefully) wanted to leave another fun loophole as they only put in a check client side, not server side. I state all this to say that when I was playing with this, most items would have allowed me to purchase 1 million items without issue, like shirts and other common merch. There were others that did have a max value, which were usually the less common. So I think it was a combination of all the things: they still have way too much inventory and recognize that they are quickly running out of time to sell it.

  5. This makes me incredibly happy. Serves them right! Treat people right, and maybe you’ll win next time. A hard lesson to learn for Trumps.

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