22 thoughts on “TRYING ON PROM DRESSES!!! JJ'S House | UK Size 12 | Discount code

  1. Love the dark lip and hair on you!
    The gothic dress is outstanding!! So gorgeous!!

    I would try bridal dress too.. exactly for a reason that I'll never get married..:/
    Btw I didnt grow up in uk so never had a prom

  2. try and re-purpose your favorite prom dress(es) into Halloween Costumes. this one just screams vampire queen. 5:26 get your teeth molded into vampire fangs that you can wear. and get some long, black gloves.

  3. This hair suits you! You look amazing in every dress, and with the makeup I loved the light pink one, but my favorite was the red. You can't go wrong with a red dress

  4. You could give Julia Roberts a run for her money in the Red Dress!!! Pretty Women indeed!!! Stunning and sophisticated!!! And I agree, get that thigh split higher… if you got it, flaunt it….

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