29 thoughts on “Update/Alexapure Water Filter/First Discount Since CV 19 Started!

  1. I already have an Alexa pure water filter, where do I order the max flow adapter? Don't have a computer, just a smartphone. SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND? 🙋

  2. The day after I ordered one and your adapter with it! Rats…I'm a real life Charlie Brown! I'm gonna probably get a bag of rocks on Halloween 😂

  3. I was looking at the Contaminants Detected in my water and I don’t see that this will filter out the Haloacetic acids Dichloroacetic acid Dibromoacetic acid & Trichloroacetic acid. It looks like I’m over the limit …. I’ll have to call patriot supply and ask them about this. I don’t see these listed in the lab results 😕

  4. I use this with 4 filters, off grid making my own water from dehumidifier system – I couldn't have clean water without this item – been using this for almost ten years now💪

  5. Are you all seriously usung a product named Alexapure? …guys you gotta snap out of it… u bess learn how to make your own filter out of grass sand stones and charcoal… ain't gonna be no more stores to make things for you… just a heads up ..learn to live with mother earth or you are going to be a total gonner…

  6. I bought 1 (full price) 9/12 + 1 extra filter . got it in about 3 weeks as orders are 1st come 1st served. It's a solid unit with a steel or aluminum spout that won't break. Overall quality seems good. Can't really review as it is still in the box. I keep going back & looking at the deals on long term food. Don't think you can ever have enough.

  7. I have the Burkey but I wish I would have known about this one but I might order this one also.. thanks be safe God bless and God bless America..

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