24 thoughts on “Updated TV Deals Prime Day: the Best TVs Discounted!

  1. Did you buy a new TV on Prime Day? Which one?
    I seriously almost swapped my Vizio OLED for the Sony A8H, had to Stop the FOMO!

  2. So the H9G and TCL R635 aren't going to be on sale during prime day I'm guessing. Will they be on sale on Black Friday?

  3. FOMO can you help me with just some quick recommends ? I am looking for a QLED TV with 120 HZ Refresh Rate for PS5 .. Under 1000$ price range … is there any good ones worth buying such as TCL 6 series ? please reply if possible thanks.

  4. Please I need your help I originally was going to get the 900h because of the update it's sold out 65in is like the same price as the 55. With that being said I see the Sony OLED 1299 and I'm also crossed shopping Samsung's Q90. I am a gamer however it will be used for 50/50 and I'm in no hurry to get the Next Generation consoles please help what do you recommend or suggest

  5. Just checked Amazon again A8H still $1798 ships and sold by Amazon. Also shows 10 percent back if you use your Amazon card. So that's $180 back. Such a great deal. If it didn't already have my Q90R I'd be tempted.

  6. While I think for the time being I’m going to wait until next year, to buy a tv, maybe in the summer… but I got a Samsung 55 inch curved ks8500 and it still does what I want it to do. I am curious about Dolby Vision, but I think I can wait, until next year. Though the fact that LotR is coming out this year, with Dolby Vision, I think I will wait until next year to buy the big pack of all 6 lotr, and hobbit movies… if that is still Warner brothers plan. But we shall see. I think I’m fine with the TV I have know. I mean I don’t think I would mind an oled, the only fear about one of those is the risk of burn in…. especially when playing games. See I am likely to be playing the same game, for about a year, before I even feel like playing something else…. though it’s not like I can play during the week. I only really have any free time in the weekends.

  7. Hey FOMO . Would love to see a a recommendation list for other markets like Australia. Its hard to compare models sometimes. I have a Hisense Q8. I'm not even sure what it's equivalent is in the USA

  8. Sony A8H is the cheapest I have found. I was tempted to buy, but after adding wall bracket, install, extended warranty, 4K cable, taxes, the price went from $1,700 to
    slightly over $3k. I am not physically able to install on the wall myself and $199.99 isn't that much, but everything added up. Zero percent interest for 24 months is a great deal, but I can't afford $115 a month payment on my fixed income. I don't have a TV stand and the price for one came the same for the bracket and install. So sad because I really would love to watch a 65 inch TV vs my 27 inch TV that sits on a small table 20 feet away.

  9. I'm going with the A8h 65' simply cause of pq quality along with Sony's motion handling. This whole not having 2.1 isn't really a deal breaker for me since Im more focased on single player games rather than multiplayer since it seems that's where the strength of 2.1 real is.

  10. Would you please do a video about LG using Advanced Dimension Switching panels in most of their 2020 lcd tvs. The new LG lcd tv look terrible. And nobody is talking about lg using BOEs ips knockoff ads panels instead of LGs ips panels.

  11. Amazon still is out of stock for the 55" Hisense H9G but I was able to order one from Best Buy's web site yesterday morning and it's being delivered tomorrow morning. I've never had any items I've bought online show up in two days.

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