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  1. I’m not sure if it’s the microphone you are using but you sound so relaxing to listen to. I could listen to you all day. Thanks.

  2. You are so pretty, and sweet.. Whats with the glasses? Yes, it does give you a 'french teacher' nerdy look… Like you know what you are taking about, still.. I dont know, how about taking then off sometime

  3. Hi Monika! I've been really enjoying your videos and have gained a lot of knowledge from your honest reviews. Keep up the great work! By the way, I couldn't find the songs you use in your videos. When you're talking about Fragrance Du Bois New York 5th Avenue, there is a song being played. What song is that? Take care and be safe!

  4. My favourite from the ones i've tried is Sahraa Oud. I own a 50ml of it but i don't wear it often because of the price and the fact i get bored of fragrances if i wear them too often. Parisian is my second favourite. I've only sampled it and as it's only available in 100ml, i can't see myself buying that in the near future. I do want to try some more but i might wait until after the present situation is over before investing in anything else on the pricey side.

  5. Hello Monika,
    I have been wasting money buying fragrances that the "reviewers" claimed to be high on projections and performances. These include most of the ones from PD Marley, Killian, Memo Paris and so on. Within five minutes of the application, any one who came within two feet of me, could not smell them. Just a week ago, I bought Atlier's Orange Sanguine based on Demi's advise. Even I could not smell that on my wrist a few minutes later. The only exception has been MFK baccarat 540, Amouage Interlude and Black Iris. Do you have any suggestions? I am thinking of MFK Oud Silk Mood. What do you think?

  6. Sample set available at perfume society for £20. 5 x 2ml genuine Fragrance du Bois samples. Just tested Sahraa, it’s very nice. After 6 hours of wearing my wife came close up and commented on how nice I smelt. She wants to try, yikes I’ve finished the sample. Oh well….

  7. Only recently got into trying this house and so far very impressed. Monika if you really like Cannabis Blue I would recommend you try the Intense version. Amazing fragrance.

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