14 thoughts on “What Discount On A Property Investment Should You Aim For?

  1. Hi Tony I am looking at property investment overseas to live in and base out of. Do you have any favourite countries for investment outside the UK? Many thanks Amira

  2. Could you do a video of the correct property investment mortgages? Also a video on how to remortgage and how to pull equity out of your property? Great vids.

  3. Just wanted to say this was a very informative video, keep it up! Usually you tend to tease quite a bit 😁, but I think dropping more detailed ("aha") info like this is the best way to go in building even more trust and subscriptions. I see you're gaining momentum with the subscribers now, won't be long now till you reach the 100k mark! It tends to really pick up around that point (exponential growth). Great job 👍

  4. Thanks for this video Tony – Ethical investing and development is so important, particularly with the ongoing economic climate!

  5. For example 2, probably worth offering a few pounds over the asking price, in case someone else also offers the full asking price on the same day. This will then avoid going to the "sealed bids" stage.

  6. All the 10%LTV seems to have dried up . Any predictions if they will be back any time soon . And I hear that there is an expected property price drop of 16% in 2021 what's your opinion on that? By the way very helpful videos, thanks for all your effort

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