39 thoughts on “Will Frederik Andersen Take A Discount Deal To Stay With Toronto Maple Leafs?

  1. I agree with Dangle here . I'd sign Freddie to that extension and stop paying these 3rd liners 3.5 each . Time to dump johnsson and kerfoot and replace them with cheaper options

  2. I'm with Dangle on this one. If Andersen would accept a 2 year deal at around $6.25 million, I'd sign him up as soon as possible. But, if Freddy plays at least on par with his pre January 2020 self, he will be able to get an easy $8 million on the open market.

  3. Well here is the thing , the convo will go like this , hey Kyle I would like to say and sign a team friendly deal … Freddy say no more you’re asking for 5 mil , I’ll give you 7.5 … that’s the best I can do

  4. I like Freddie and Feel the leafs have left him high and dry all these years with no real defensive support/structure. He’s given the leafs great numbers but imagine what his numbers would have been with a much better defence in front of him . Gotta think he’s had enough of the same old in Toronto.

  5. Doubtful

    I would only want him to stay as a 1B backup too, because he’s not dependable or consistent enough. He doesn’t have great seasons, and often lets bad goals in in the playoffs. It was almost one per game this year, and he wasn’t great against Boston in that respect either.

  6. Trade Andersen now…sign Greiss for 2.2m…and run the 1A-1B goalie tandem with Campbell…your saving cap space for more priority…ugh.ugh..defense?…and away we go!!

  7. The Leafs should sign Lundqvist for a year or two if the price is right. He may be more motivated than ever if he's bought out


    Amazing how you guys are CRAPPING on Andersen and totally ignore that the defensive has problems. Not even VASILEVSKIY can save this team as is.

  9. I'd give him a raise to re-sign him. With Freddie, you at least know what you are getting. If you go pull a Florida and sign a top end goalie to a high value UFA contract, you have no idea if they are going to do well in front of a new crowd with a new system. Frederik Anderson is a good goalie. He is not a superstar. There are probably only a handful of goalies in this league worth any more than 7 or 8 million, and he is not one of them.

  10. I'm honestly happy with how the Covid situation had affected cap, because as Steve said, contracts were getting out of control.

  11. Pay the guy he's the goalie guys don't screw it up every goalie in the market ain't better then Andy make it work u have a year to do so

  12. Mr Dangle…

    Korpisalo had a 1.15 and a .911 which beat Anderson's. Toronto you gave HALF your salary away to 4 players. What right do you have in calling any other team's GM poorly run? No joke.

  13. Throwing out wrong stats guys ..freddy been in T.O for 4 years ..his save percentage 1st year 917..the next 2 years 918..this is the only year it wasn't great

  14. The leafs players love signing team friendly deals to stay competitive so I don't see why not….. Oh wait…..

  15. Lehner reportedly signed in Vegas for 5 years at 5M per. Yet Andersen will want more than that. Thank you Nylander, Matthews, and Marner!

  16. Crosby says Pittsburg Players took discounts in order to build a full team. Let's start a campaign to ask Travers, Marner and Matthews to to give back some of the money they extorted from the Leafs.

  17. What a mess. Leafs need to pinch pennies on a goalie too cuz the big 4 are eating up all the cash. Instead of worrying about hiw good anyone is going to be why not just demand Matthews, Marner, Tavares and Nylander score more in the playoffs?? They make enough money where that isnt an unreasonable ask.

  18. Anyone remember when Tie was offered his first million dollar contract? It was recorded. And if you can find it WATCH IT. This is how hockey players should be after being offered a life changing amount of money to do something most of us Canadians would do for free. Love of Canadas game.

  19. Let him go. Doubtful he’ll get paid because virtually ALL teams except Toronto have Cap issues. Yes, the Leafs are near the Cap But they can still spend on mid level players that other teams can’t. Murray’s AAV is @$3.5 and he’s 26. Sign and trade, give him $5 per, and you’ll come in a min. of a mill per from Anderson.

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