32 thoughts on “WOW, I GOT $455 TO BUY NIO STOCK AT A 9% DISCOUNT | #shorts

  1. Most newbies fail simply because they don't understand how the market works in general or in particular how the market relates to stock or currency pair they entering. If a retail trades doesn't grasp what the market makers are doing and when they are doing it, the greatest strategy in the world will fall. For new traders the markets are like entering an F1 race before you've passed your drivers license test. I am a beginner I never believe I made $30,000 in just 1 week from trading and with the market. an expert financial analysis and he made me-learn to read and understand the language of price action. He guides me with the exact time frame to trade and now I just received my first withdrawals of $30k in my bank account today I'm very happy, my advice is for you to contact him he will guide you perfectly well, and thank me later, I guess this is a good way to show my heartfelt appreciation for literally breaking the chain of my financial debit when I needed it most, you can contact him on his email
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  2. Imagine if you just bought some calls instead though 🤷🏽‍♂️ but we do need to have contract writers so you do you

  3. This is not for beginners, for example if NIO drops down to $20 over night, you paid $3800-$455 for 100 shares of NIO that is worth $2000, you’re down $1345. This is the fastest way to go out of business if you’re wrong

  4. To people who don’t know options, it’s not difficult just take some time to learn. You can either buy or sell options and either puts or calls depending on ur sentiment. There only a few components to it, if ur in the market just know how they work. You don’t even need to implement just know that options are great ways to hedge risk and maximize your sentiment in a stock or market. If you don’t know what they are and don’t care, you’re doing ur self a disservice

  5. I don’t see the options play on my Robin Hood app do I need to have a certain amount of money in it or certain amount invested in the stock?

  6. So correct me if I am wrong , your 3,800k is on lock/hold and only will be released after the expiration date and basically you made a profit of 450, if it doesn't go below 38?

    Second, if goes below your strike price you lose that 450, and the funds 3,800k that are on hold/lock are then used up to buy the 100 shares?

  7. Basically, the stock has to go below $33.45 for him to lose money. This type of trade is not for beginners. This man is taking advantage of High IV and is very smart, but do not think this is easy.

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