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  1. All of these complaints are absolutely ridiculous I had these tires and they are fantastic every single one of your complaints are ridiculous

  2. Bought these for my 2015 Ford Fusion almost a year ago on Memorial Day. Ever since, I notice that I would get shocked when handing my credit card to the cashier at a drive-thru window. Later, I started noticing that at certain gas stations, there would be a noticeable spark between the gas filler neck and the fuel pump nozzle. Not wanting to die in a static related explosion, I started researching what could be the problem. It turned out to be my the Yokahama YK740 GTX tires on my car! I recently did a pro-rated return and went back to the OEM Michelin Energy tires that my car came with and… no more static electric shock. Now, refueling my car doesn't count as Russian roulette anymore. sigh of relief

  3. Just put these on a 2013 Honda Accord EX at the recommendation of America's Tire (215/55/17) – I'm a longtime customer about 15 years and multiple cars and I'm always getting new tires. So I thought they would be great because I recently got some Yokohama light truck tires on my Nissan Frontier and love them. These however, were a mistake. Now they are smooth and improved the gas mileage a little but the handling is horrible. I drive higher freeway speeds and the steering is now very lose and spongy. There is constant drift within the lane at higher freeway speeds requiring non-stop correction. I've had to ajust my driving style. If you drive at higher freeway speeds and have a long commute or take long trips, these will create extra fatigue while driving because of the mushy feeling and drift. There's no defect, there's nothing actually wrong with them, this is just how they handle. At slower speeds they are better because the steering is easy and drift isn't an issue, but at higher freeway speeds you'll need to be careful. I'm actually looking for new tires now for my wife's 2015 Accord Sport and no way will I buy these again and if I could send the ones I bought back I would, but I'm stuck with them now and they have made my commuting even more miserable since the car handles like crap now.

  4. These crap tires are what the salesperson will try to sell you at Discount Tire and America's Tires. They are dangerous in wet weather and the are prone to blow outs. Don't buy them, they are crap. Just read the reviews that are on any unbiased site.

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